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Although she is a beautiful teacher, loves her job, is responsible for her work and always cares about her students, female teacher Jun Suehiro cannot avoid some bad habits that arise right in school, typically: sex addiction. Of course, no one is perfect, so it is not strange that she has this "disease", she is even loved more by many male colleagues and students. With an attractive body combined with an extremely seductive office dress, she always finds ways to provoke and flirt with male colleagues and some eager students, always taking advantage of the opportunity to peek every time. She accidentally exposed her sensitive area. Of course, because she's so perfect and a bit lustful, this is one of men's ideal women, and it's not easy for them to miss a rare opportunity like this.

JUKF-098 Raping a teacher in a hotel...
 Movie Code: JUKF-098 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Jun Suehiro